Glass Damage

When you are dealing with broken windows like Gemini Glass is at your service. For years our organization known for a high recovery of glass damage. Many customers know immediately available to recover glass in a professional manner us. Our knowledge and experience with highly sophisticated equipment and materials, glass repair mostly happened fast.

Glass replaced at attractive prices

Obviously, we are unable to repair any glass damage. In the event that no solution recovery, we are in a very careful way,, your glass replaced by a new high window. At attractive prices, we can be your window easily and quickly replaced, so you no longer see the glass damage.

Always a suitable solution

Almost every type of glass you can order from us and let places. Whether you're single- or double glazing needs, We always offer a suitable solution. The long opening hours of our glass case in Utrecht, ensures that you can almost always reach for repairing and replacing your glazing us.

Learn more about our service?

Feel free to contact our specialist staff if you want to know more about our service in the field of glass damage more. You can contact us every working day and on Saturdays, telephone and e-mail reach. Moreover, it is possible to request the desired information through the contact, so that we can provide to resolve your glass damage, the correct information as soon as possible.