Hard Glass

To assemble by tempered glass gluing or clamping pieces are constructive possibilities virtually unlimited. In storefronts are therefore often hard glass doors fitted with both side panels, skylights and beautiful stainless steel door fittings.

Toughened glass is:

  • Strong
  • Transparent
  • Very accessible
  • User
  • Virtually maintenance free

Through our years of experience we construct glass into one of our specialty.

Indoor use of glass doors and windows

Spacious 75% of the mounted hard glass become used as inside glass. One can think here of glass partition walls and doors in office, canteens, for example, a smoke-room.

Tour Portals are often made of hard glass. For example if interior glazing in the home such as glass doors and bathroom or shower enclosures. Because of the many designs will make your interior feel even more distinct.
The applications are endless. Everything is exactly to your liking tailored and expertly assembled. Due to the transparency of the material is visually maintain the space.