We find a mirror actually quite common in our daily lives. Every day we look quite a few times in. What would the world be without mirrors! Gemini Glass makes them measure for you and can provide various designs.
spiegelSilver mirror
The most sold course silver mirror. This is usually in the hall, the bathroom or the bedroom applied. A mirror also gives a spatial effect. A small residential- or bedroom can with a strategically placed mirror (or mirror wall) twice as large seem. In shops, lots of mirrors used, O.Â. as dressing mirrors.


decorspiegelDecorative mirror
Besides the silver mirror, there are the colored decorative mirrors. The colors are e.g.. brass, gray and green. Decorative mirrors are used for entrances in residential and commercial. Another attractive application is to be placed above a kitchen sink in place of the conventional tiling these mirrors.


In addition to the normal polished edge finishing, the mirror can be provided with a bevelled edge. This is a slanted edge, for example, 2 or 3 cm width. This finish adds a chic effect to a mirror, especially when it is placed in a frame.