A less pleasant feature of glass is that it can break. Incidentally, this is good for the glass industry, but not for the people who have to deal! Whether it's about protection against injury, or to prevent intrusion into a jewelry store, we can twin glass expert advice. We make a distinction between safety at :

Laminated glass
Laminated safety glass consists of 2 or more layers of float glass, which are joined together with intermediate 1 or more layers veiligheidsfolie basically completely clear, but mat or can be supplied with color.
Laminated glass is used as the bullet resisting and intrusion delay in Banks, post offices, jewelery cases and other highly hacking sensitive buildings. Can also be supplied in isolatieglas. Laminated glass is processed glass floors and stairs.

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Fire-resistant glass
Fire-resistant glass,30 or 60 minutes, consists of 2 or more sheets high quality float glass between 1 or special multilayer film, which swells with heat and turns into a hard and opaque fire screen. It can also be delivered in insulated glass.

Glass gives you protection and safety

Where and what safety

For the application of safety, there is a standard, NEN 3569.Deze standard describes exactly where and what kind of safety must be applied. Based on this standard, you can determine whether your home in safety must be applied. For your money property that when the underside of the glass is between the 0 and 85 cm from the floor is, this safety glass has to be. Also have all railings, skylights, skylights and roof glazing (e.g.. in conservatories) safety are applied.